About GeoPro

GeoPro was founded by Stefan Klingberg in 1992 in Stockholm. The company expanded through the takeover of Lindéns Väg and Täktplanering AB in 2003.

At GeoPro, there is experience from the stone and ballast industry of both sales and production as well as from the exercise of authority. These experiences give GeoPro a deep understanding of both the industry's and government's conditions and driving forces which in turn can be valuable insights to achieve success in the application process and in other project management.

GeoPro has a significant network composed of experts within geodesy, land and water environment protection, noise, explosion technology and vibration control, and more – expertise that is readily available when required.

Stefan Klingberg

+46 (0) 707-12 80 25

GeoPro is a member of the branch organisations Sveriges Bergmaterialindustri, SBMI, Sveriges Stenindustri Förbund, STEN and Svensk Torv.